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SubjectRe: [RFC Patch 2/9] x86 architecture implementation of Hardware Breakpoint interfaces
On Tue, 7 Oct 2008, K.Prasad wrote:

> There's been a perceivable inclination to let the user learn the
> limitations/features of the underlying processor's breakpointing ability
> (since the previous email mail thread on this topic) and the routines
> pre_ and post_handler_allowed() are just a step towards that.
> I can nullify the post_handler for x86-instruction breakpoint for now,
> but it wouldn't simplify things very extensively (but for a few lines of
> code in hw_breakpoint_handler() and the flag 'sstep_reason'). It also
> benefits the code by bringing an understanding that there can be
> multiple users of processor single-stepping (and therefore the need to
> de-multiplex the exception and invoke the appropriate handler).
> Left to me, I would like to retain the post_handler routine, unless you
> strongly feel otherwise.

Let's hear what Roland has to say.

Alan Stern

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