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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1 of 1] cciss: add procfs interface to rescan logical volumes
    On Tue, 7 Oct 2008 11:24:54 -0500
    Mike Miller <> wrote:

    > Patch 1 of 1
    > This patch adds a procfs interface so users can force a rescan of the
    > logical volumes attached to the controller. A new product uses Target
    > Based Management (TBM) out-of-band for configuration purposes. With
    > this method the driver has no way of knowing that something has
    > changed, i.e., new logical volume(s) added or existing volumes
    > deleted. This interface allows the user to echo "rescan volumes" >
    > /proc/driver/cciss/ccissN to force the driver to rebuild our table of
    > logical volumes.
    > Please consider this patch for inclusion.

    I'll ask the obvious question (since you didn't address this)...
    why is this a proc thing and not just a sysfs attribute of the device?

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