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SubjectRe: [RFC] 0/11 fanotify: fscking all notifiction and file access system (intended for antivirus scanning and file indexers)

> > sending a message out for every READ/WRITE seems like it will generate a
> > LOT of messages, and very few will be ones that anyone cares about.
> On read there isn't much point anyway, on write if you simply send one,
> save an event counter number and don't send another until the last one is
> cleared it all works well. When the last event is cleared if another
> event has occurred then the event counter will have changed so you know
> to send one immediately, if the app doesn't want to receive them for a
> while it can just hang onto the event for a minute or two before clearing
> it.

Actually both read and write seems useless, as both can be bypassed by


(cesky, pictures)

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