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SubjectRe: [RFC Patch 0/9] Hardware Breakpoint interfaces
K.Prasad wrote:
> - Enable KGDB and KVM to use the register_kernel_hw_breakpoint()
> interface for their HW Breakpoint usage, in the absence of which
> they will be broken during simultaneous use.

KVM conceptually isn't a kernel use of the debug registers. KVM
modifies the debug registers while the guest is running, and restores
them after the guest returns.

Right now, as an optimization, KVM defers restoring the debug registers
until after the next context switch out of the kvm task, or until the
next exit to userspace (whichever comes earlier); we should change this
to avoid the deferral if kernel breakpoints are in effect. This will
allow simultaneous use of KVM breakpoints and kernel breakpoints.

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