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SubjectRe: SMACK netfilter smacklabel socket match
Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Casey Schaufler wrote:
>> Tilman Baumann wrote:
>>> Casey Schaufler wrote:
>>> If I set /smack/nltype to 'unlabeled' I have effectively shut off
>>> the network.
>>> I guess I'm missing some essential point here.
>>> Sorry to bother you with such trivialities.
>> Not to worry. The essential point is that with MAC you can't just lock
>> the doors, you have to lock the windows as well. What I mean by that is
>> that traditional access controls apply to files, but not network
>> communications. Network communications became popular in part because
>> they were allowed to leave any restrictions up to the applications
>> and their protocols. MAC requirements are pickier than that. The good
>> news is that with a scheme like CIPSO you can easily enforce the
>> policy. The bad news is that network services in general assume that
>> there is no policy being enforced on them.
> This might work well in trusted networks.
> But Internet is untrusted and needs to work too. At least in the most
> real world scenarios. :)

Yes. I'm pretty close to convinced that it needs to be included as
part of the single-label host solution. Not that it can possibly be
excused in any real secure environment mind you.

>>> If i set /smack/nltype to 'unlabled' i don't even get SYN packets
>>> out. (operation not permitted)
>> That's probably a bug, but I think the "fix" is to disable the
>> ability to
>> set the nltype to anything other than CIPSO at least for the time being.
> Well, there is a case statement in smack_lsm.c that checks for the
> nltype (smack_net_nltype) and omits net labeling if cipso is not set.
> This seems to be a very sensible thing to do. I strongly advice for a
> way to omit netlabel based access control.

Yes, I hear you.

> As soon as you leave controlled and trusted networks, netlabels seem
> in my eyes like a maybe even critical information leak.
> btw. I tried return 0; in smk_access(), but it did not make networking
> work again with nltype set to unlabled. So I guess the problem is not
> some access check.
> If you have any idea how i can avoid any cipso labels on the network
> but use smack for local access control?
> I don't try to secure information channels. Our system is a general
> purpose server, it would defeat the purpose of our system to lock it
> up since our clients are never going to use cipso.
> I'm pretty sure the cipso labels are the problem. Since I can easily
> access resources in the local network. But things break when I access
> over Internet.
> And I can not even expect this to work in any network where the system
> will be deployed.

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