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SubjectRe: [KERNEL] Re: [KERNEL] Re: Kernel freeze on
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Am So den 5. Okt 2008 um 22:01 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
> > Well, thats not that true. It WAS everytime until I close all
> > applications and did sync several times before I unplug the device. When
> > I wait a view seconds after the sync the freeze is reproducible.
Should mean "few".

> Sounds like the application directly attaches to the device itself and
> we have some internal pointer becoming NULL when the device disappears.


> > > Also, have you ever been running and older 2.4 kernel not causing this
> > > problem ?
> >
> > I did buy the scanner only days ago. I did not use older kernels since
> > then. (I have to compile some if it is needed.)
> OK, so we'll assume it's not a regression and has always been like that,
> which is the most likely.

I'm not absolutely sure but when I remember correct I did use USB
keyboard before in older ages. But I do not be absolutely sure if I test
to unplug it that time.

> OK. I see an nvidia module. Would this machine happen to run under X ?

Yes. I need to use the nvidia module to use the machine. But I do not
use that crazy window manages than kde or gnome which do some special
think with your devices hidden from the user.

> If so, did you configure X so that it directly references the HID devices ?

What do you mean with "directly"? I use evdev for mouse but the keyboard
is just normal keyboard with some Xkb settings for the layout.

> Also, could you tell us a bit more about the application, and how you have
> to proceed to avoid the problem ? Eg: quit the application then X, etc...

Just sync several times in front of unplugging the device helps. I can
reproduce the bug right after a boot without logging in under X (Just
kdm running). But if I use sync the problem is gone.

I imagine that it might be something to do with a incompatibility
between HID and one filesystem driver. I saw this issue in the past with
ext3 which was very dirty in the past.

Actually I use reiserfs, ext3, and ext2. Might it be that there is some
shared memory used between that both subsystems? Ah, and before I forget
to mention, I use the cryptoloop-jari patch to use encrypted swap and

> OK. Before I ask you to do so, could you send me privately your,
> a copy of /proc/ksyms and your vmlinux (not vmlinuz) ?

Yup, I will send it later. But why vmlinuX and not vmlinuZ? I thought
that this both is the same.

> Oh, and if you're running X, please also send your X config file, just
> in case.

Will follow too.

Klaus Ethgen
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Klaus Ethgen
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