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Subjectscheduler hang on cpu re-hotplug with 2.6.27rc8
[Rafael, something for the regression list]

While testing cpu hotunplug/hotreplug (first
setting two CPUs to offline and then to online again) on a 16 thread machine
with 2.6.27rc8 the first

# echo 1 > ./devices/system/cpu/cpu14/online

after hotunplug deadlocked somewhere in the scheduler:

bash D 00000000ffffcb5b 0 4683 4671
ffff8804bc583c68 0000000000000086 ffff8804bc9d8640 0000000000000296
ffff8804bdd34730 ffff8804be6fc090 ffff8804bdd34978 0000000c805a1e2a
ffff8804be4fd780 ffffffff802298b4 ffffffff808acd98 ffff88027d0b1168
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff802298b4>] __dequeue_entity+0x25/0x68
[<ffffffff805a1b4b>] schedule_timeout+0x1e/0xad
[<ffffffff8022a11f>] __disable_runtime+0x57/0x155
[<ffffffff8025cc47>] cpupri_set+0xbe/0xcd
[<ffffffff805a19b3>] wait_for_common+0xcd/0x131
[<ffffffff8022c918>] default_wake_function+0x0/0xe
[<ffffffff80241f3a>] synchronize_rcu+0x30/0x36
[<ffffffff80241fac>] wakeme_after_rcu+0x0/0xc
[<ffffffff8022dab6>] partition_sched_domains+0x9b/0x1dd
[<ffffffff8022dc26>] update_sched_domains+0x2e/0x35
[<ffffffff805a5297>] notifier_call_chain+0x29/0x4c
[<ffffffff8059ef76>] _cpu_up+0xd0/0x10a
[<ffffffff8059f004>] cpu_up+0x54/0x61
[<ffffffff805837d5>] store_online+0x43/0x67
[<ffffffff802c51e9>] sysfs_write_file+0xd2/0x110
[<ffffffff8028656b>] vfs_write+0xad/0x136
[<ffffffff802869f3>] sys_write+0x45/0x6e
[<ffffffff8020b22b>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b

It just hung forever, but the machine was otherwise fully functional.

This was without frame pointers so the backtrace presumably has
some garbage. Haven't looked too closely.



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