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SubjectQuestions about mmap
Hi everyone,
I'd like to share a hashtable among kernel and userspace.
The hashtable resolves collision by chaining.
I have the following structure:

typedef struct flow_t flow_t;

struct flow_t {
flow_t *next;
flow_t *prev;

typedef struct hashtable {
flow_t *hashBuckets[X]; // X is a natural number
unsigned int size;
} Hastable;

So, my question is: Can I mmap the hashtable struct and access
directly from userspace? I'm afraid that this could turn on mess
because of the array of pointers.
If it's possible, does anyone know a piece of code that can match my
problem? I've been googling and I just find codes dealing with structs
itself, not pointers.

Best regards

Thiago de Barros Lacerda
Computer Science Undergraduate Student - CIn/UFPE - 2004.2
Researcher/Software Developer - GPRT - Networking and
Telecommunications Research Group

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