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SubjectRe: kmemcheck: Caught 32-bit read from uninitialized memory (f6038ec0)
On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> another crash is below - config attached.
> Ingo
> ----------------->
> initcall 0xc08eabf0 returned 0 after 7 msecs
> calling 0xc08eae70 @ 1
> PnPBIOS: Scanning system for PnP BIOS support...
> PnPBIOS: Found PnP BIOS installation structure at 0xc00fc550
> PnPBIOS: PnP BIOS version 1.0, entry 0xf0000:0xc580, dseg 0xf0000
> BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000c6ef

Thanks, I can reproduce it. And that's very interesting. Look at the
faulting address and the line just above:

PnP BIOS version 1.0, entry 0xf0000:0xc580

When I run it, I get something similar:

PnPBIOS: PnP BIOS version 1.0, entry 0xf0000:0x67ba, dseg 0xf0000
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 000068ac

Enabling debug information also gives me the location of the crash. It
happens in kmemcheck's opcode decoder, when we dereference regs->eip.
Is it possible that PnPBIOS is executing some code which is located at
these weird addresses (like 16-bit code) and requires a different
segment register?

Maybe we should just check regs->flags to make sure that we are not in
VM86 mode or similar. Will experiment a bit with it. Thanks.


"The animistic metaphor of the bug that maliciously sneaked in while
the programmer was not looking is intellectually dishonest as it
disguises that the error is the programmer's own creation."
-- E. W. Dijkstra, EWD1036

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