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SubjectRe: [REQUEST] Clarification from Copyright Holders on FUSE/NDISWRAPPER
On Sun 2008-09-28 21:27:38, wrote:
> > You may find these research reports interesting:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > The former shows that the development rate is if anything, increasing
> > based on analyzing the rate that changes are flowing into the Linus's
> > git tree --- something which I think everyone would agree is a better
> > way of measuring the rate of development than the number of downloads
> > of mdb.
> >
> > The latter is a report from IDC which calculates total enterprise
> > spending in the Linux ecosystem at $21 billion in 2007, and predicts
> > that by 2011 the figure will more than double to $49 billion.
> >
> > So the health of Linux, both in terms of the rate of development and
> > the enterprise server ecosystem, seems to be doing quite well (never
> > mind the surge of interest of Linux for mobile platforms). But if you
> > want to develop on FreeBSD, hey, don't let us stop you. Different
> > licensing strokes for different folks, after all...
> The figures I am quoting are based on who is downloading not how many. I
> had over 27,000 downloads the first week but only a few of them were from
> fortune 1000 of 500 companies. After two weeks it dropped off sharply to
> a very low level. Most of the downloads are still from my primary
> servers, and not google or sourceforge. I agree Linux is pervasive

Noone cares about mdb, so there must be something wrong with
Linux. Oh, right.

(cesky, pictures)

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