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Subjectsata question
Greetings all;

My new ASUS M2N-SLI delux mobo has copius sata ports, at least 8. It is very
slow to boot, like 30 seconds between the end of the bios stuff and the "grub
stage 2 loading" popping up on screen.

I suspect this may be due to the equivalent of the old scsi 'scan all luns'
function, and back in my amiga days there was a flag we could set that told
the kickstart that this was the last drive, don't check the rest.

As I only have one sata drive, and it is not part of the operating system
itself, is there a similar flag I can set in the mbr of that drive that says
this is the last drive, don't spend time checking the rest of the addresses?

Properly applied, that should speed up a reboot by at least 30 seconds I'd
think. I have updated the bios to the newest stable. There is one newer,
beta version.

Cheers, Gene
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