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SubjectRe: perfmon3 interface overview

On Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 8:05 AM, David Gibson
<> wrote:
>> If we wanted to go even further, we could combine start/stop, attach/detach
>> into a single syscall:
> Well, you could. But the attach/detach take a parameter which
> start/stop don't, making it a less obvious merge to make.
Unless you make the 3rd argument optional and hide this in a
user library. This is how this is handled for pfm_create_session()
for instance. The library would define this as follows:

int pfm_control_session(int fd, int flags, ...);

Based upon flags, it would use va_arg() to get to the 3rd argument and
pass it to the syscall which implements the version below. A dummy value
would be passed with the flags is not equal to PFM_CTFL_ATTACH.

>> int pfm_control_session(int fd, int flags, int target);
>> With flags:
>> PFM_CTFL_START : start monitoring
>> PFM_CTFL_STOP : stop monitoring
>> PFM_CTFL_RESTART: resume after overflow notification
>> PFM_CTFL_ATTACH: attach to thread or cpu designated by 'target'
>> PFM_CTFL_DETACH: detach session

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