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SubjectRe: USB reset/IO Error problem when high load on ICH9 USB
Kasper Sandberg wrote:
> Hello..
> I had to write an image to some usb flash drives, more specifically, 4GB
> kingston datatraveler sticks, and i figured, instead of doing just 1 at
> a time, i may aswell do 4, so i plugged in 4, and started 4 dd's of the
> images, to sdc, sdd, sde, sdf. However, i got usb disconnects and IO
> error messages from the kernel, these are at end of message. I had
> previously done ~5 writes of images to 5 other flash disks with no
> problem, but when i tried the next batch, those 4, it gave these errors.
> I killed the dd's, pulled them all out, and put in 1 at a time, and it
> worked perfectly.
> unfortunately the first kernel messages have been flooded away. If you
> need .config and/or the boot kernel messages, i can reboot and get it.

It seems suspicious that only the sde one (with address 6) seems to be
having problems. Are you sure that drive wasn't faulty or somehow not
plugged in properly?

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