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SubjectRe: IRQ balancing on a router
Jason Baron wrote:
>> one of the hard cases for irqbalance is that irqbalance doesn't have a
>> way to find out the actual cpu time spend in the handlers. For
>> networking it makes an estimate just based on the number of packets
>> (which is better than nothing)... but that breaks down if you have an
>> non-symmetry in CPU costs per packet like you have.
>> The good news is that irqthreads at least have the potential to solve
>> this "lack of information"; if not, we could consider doing a form of
>> microaccounting for irq handlers....
> perhaps, this could be addressed using tracepoints. The currently
> proposed ones are at the beginning and end of 'handle_IRQ_event()'. See:
something that you always need should not be a tracepoint.

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