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SubjectRe: Stepping down as Trivial tree maintainer - no time due to work and family
On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Jesper Juhl wrote:

> This is to announce officially that I'm stepping down as Trivial tree
> maintainer.
> There are a few different reasons.

First, congratulations to those 'personal reasons' :)

[ ... ]
> So, since I simply don't have the time to do a proper job as Trivial
> maintainer, I'm stepping down. I should have done this earlier, but I
> kept hoping that I would find the time.

How much are people used to submit trivial patches to
I.e. what is the approximate volume of patches per major kernel release
that usually goes through trivial tree?

If noone else wants to take this over, and general feeling is that trivial
patch tree is still needed, I could eventually do that.

Jiri Kosina

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