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SubjectRe: [TOMOYO #11 (linux-next) 00/11] TOMOYO Linux
Quoting Kentaro Takeda (
> Stephen, James, Chris, Serge,
> What is the status of this patchset?
> I saw no objections against our patchset.

I don't like the 'in_exec' bit in the task_struct, but adding LSM hooks
to let just TOMOYO mark whether you're in exec seems even uglier.

> We are waiting for your review for now.
> Is there something we can do?

Well I think the patchset is at a stage where it needs a test-spin in
-mm (or something).

The users' list seems quite sparse, though. Who exactly does use this,
and why? (I don't mean that to sound adversarial, but while I think I
know how it differs from selinux, I'm not clear on when or why its
differences would be advantageous.)


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