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Subjectpotential regression in ext[34] call to __page_symlink()?
The gfp_mask that is passed to __page_symlink() is being completely
dropped on the floor. Historically this mask was at least used by
ext3 and ext4 to avoid recursing back into the FS from within a
journal transaction; Kirill fixed that issue with this commit:

I'm quite naive when it comes to Nick's relatively new (>= 2.6.24) AOP
pagecache_write_{begin,end} code that motivated __page_symlink to
change with this commit:

Nick's change clearly did away with using the explicitly passed
gfp_mask in __page_symlink().
So at a minimum it would seem __page_symlink() now has an unused
parameter that should be removed.

But a more serious concern would be: have ext[34]_symlink() regressed
to being susceptible to the bug that Kirill fixed some time ago?

Please advise, thanks.

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