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SubjectRe: [PATCH] regression: vmalloc easily fail.
 > I'm guessing that the missing comment explains that this is
> intentional, to trap buffer overflows?

Actually, speaking of comments, it's interesting that
__get_vm_area_node() -- which is called from vmalloc() -- does:

* We always allocate a guard page.
size += PAGE_SIZE;

va = alloc_vmap_area(size, align, start, end, node, gfp_mask);

and alloc_vmap_area() adds another PAGE_SIZE, as the original email
pointed out:

while (addr + size >= first->va_start && addr + size <= vend) {
addr = ALIGN(first->va_end + PAGE_SIZE, align);

I wonder if the double padding is causing a problem when things get too

- R.

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