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    SubjectRe: SATA Cold Boot problems on >2.6.25 with NV
    Hello Tejun!

    After my short reply I had a 2.6.27 running with

    [-- Attachment #2: sata_nv-nf2-hrst-debug-take2.patch --]

    fine so far. It bootet immediately at any time I powercycled the
    machine. Hot, cold and reboot seems to be no problem, no
    /var/log/messages flooding also.

    I just wanted to inform you, whatever the investigations result into, on
    _my_ machine this incarnation is just fine.

    Regards, Konsti

    Fingerprint: 13C9 B16B 9844 EC15 CC2E A080 1E69 3FDA EF62 FCEF

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