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    SubjectRe: tmpfs support of xattrs?
    Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
    > On Monday, 27 October 2008 21:25:31 Stephen Smalley wrote:
    >> Looks like a bug in Smack's implementation of the inode_listsecurity
    >> hook to me. Did you mean to enable Smack in your kernel config?
    > Yes, there is at least one bug there; this kernel is broken. You may want to
    > try booting with a kernel command line option like "security=none", which
    > *should* turn smack off.
    > Andreas


    Indeed the kernel cmdline option security=none did disable smack. So
    atleast that works. Thank you all for helping me track this down. I can
    now return to updating packages (some of which have been waiting
    patiently for this to be cleared up)! Though I will be looking forward
    to this feature working as it was intended. ;) Let me know if there is
    a bug # assigned and I'll quietly return to lurking... ;)

    -- Rob

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