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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] User namespaces: set of cleanups (v2)
    Stephen Rothwell <> wrote:

    > Yes. Or whatever it is based on now if that merges OK with Linus' head
    > (try a test merge). Just don't base on linux-next :-)

    It's based on Linus's head at the moment, give or take the last few bits he
    pulled in which I haven't dealt with yet.

    > What I want is exactly what you will ask/have asked Linus to fetch but
    > without the branch name changing .. I care more about the name changing
    > than the contents changing.
    > So .. what branch do I fetch tomorrow? (Hint: if you have your version
    > for Linus checked out then type "git branch next" and reply to this email
    > saying "next" :-))

    I asked him to pull creds-v4 last:;a=shortlog;h=creds-v4

    I'd quite like to amend the name of the branch to something more sensible,
    since the 'v<N>' represented new versions based on fixing up merges with
    Linus's tree rather than changing my patches.

    However, if you'd rather I just threw new merges on top of that, then I can do
    that - it's just got a silly branch name.

    Alternatively, if you'd rather James pulled it into his 'next' branch, he
    might be amenable to that.


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