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SubjectRe: [PATCH] n-tty-output-bells-immediately
Alan Cox wrote:
> Ok without randomly hitting send this time...
> LC/UC and control characters looks right. (except the added white space)
> Buffer sizing looks fine
> Bell definitely a good idea
> Those three applied with better subject lines and queued for .29
> The last one I'm rather less happy with but want to ponder a bit more the
> best way to handle.

All sounds good - thanks. Yes, let's think a bit more about the last
one. The problem, as I see it now, is that only the ldisc knows how to
treat certain chars, but the input buffers get clogged before they get
to the ldisc. Perhaps devising a way for upstream input code to call
the ldisc to inform it that there is a "signal pending/queued" (i.e.
SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGSTP) or a tty restart (e.g. ^Q) queued...

BTW, where are the patches sitting at this point? I saw an email about
"linux-next" that lists just the first of the 3 (the drop bkl one); and
your tty git is now empty. Just curious.

Thanks! Joe

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