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SubjectRe: [PATCH] usbcore: Limit number of 'unable to enumerate USB device' messages
On Thu, 23 Oct 2008, Larry Finger wrote:

> In my system, a number of messages that state "unable to enumerate USB device"
> are logged. These are intermittent and likely due to some race condition
> at bootup.
> Some of these happen when the EHCI driver is loaded after UHCI or OHCI, which
> causes the device to be switched away from the other controller that's trying
> to enumerate it, at least momentarily. This type of message is logged at most
> once for each hub and occurs in about 70% of my reboots.

This is normal; it is caused by userspace loading the drivers in the
wrong order. ehci-hcd is supposed to be loaded before uhci-hcd or
ohci-hcd, not after. There's no point trying to change the kernel to
avoid it.

> A more insidious form of the message occurs hundreds of times in about 10% of
> reboots. They continue until the system is rebooted. This patch limits the
> number of these messages to 20. Once the actual cause of this message is
> located, this patch can be reverted.

I would prefer to attack this problem directly rather than wallpaper
over it. Can you provide more information? For example, a dmesg log
with CONFIG_USB_DEBUG and CONFIG_PRINTK_TIME enabled would help. It
might also help to know what the devices which can't be enumerated
actually are.

Alan Stern

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