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SubjectRe: [Question] power management related with cgroup based resource management
Hi, Balbir Singh

2008/10/24 Balbir Singh <>:
> Dong-Jae Kang wrote:
>> Hi, all
>> These days, I am interested in green IT area for low power OS
>> So, I have a question about it.
>> Is there any good idea or comments about power management related with
>> cgroup based resource management?
>> I have no idea about that, but it seems to be possible to find a good concept.
>> And I hope so
>> Is it some strange question? ^^
>, linux-pm (mailing list) are good sources on Power Management. I
> would recommend asking at those mailing lists (there are several new features
> like range timers, no idle hertz, sched_mc consolidation and much more). Could
> you be specific about what you are looking for? Are you looking at
> Server/Desktop power management?

Thank you very much for your kind recommendation.^^
this site information will be helpful for me.
As your recommendation, I will try to contact to,
linux-pm (mailing list)

I am interested in power management in server side.
and I just wonder this question, "Is there any related point between
cgroup framework and power management?"

Thanks again

Dong-Jae Kang

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