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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Skip tsc synchronization checks if CONSTANT_TSC bit is set.
Andi Kleen wrote:
>> As far as skipping the check, it makes sense for me in the case of known
>> virtualization platforms; a CPU feature bit, real or synthetic, is a
>> very clean way to do that.
> I don't think adding detection for non PV Hypervisors is anywhere clean
> Even if it's only VMware today, tomorrow it will be a few more
> and long term you might need to support all of the obscuro hypervisors
> that are out there. Just seems like a slippery slope. Either it's
> paravirtual or it's not, but it should attempt to be both. If the hypervisor
> doesn't emulate TSC well enough that the native code works it's entirely
> reasonable to let it use some other timer, like it has been always
> done in the past.

That is at least to some degree nonsense, simply because we are all well
down that particular "slippery slope": we have hardware blacklists and
whitelists, CPU-specific workarounds, and so on all over the place, and
in that sense a hypervisor really isn't different than another hardware


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