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SubjectRe: [smartmontools-support] SMART to USB/sata dock in 2.6.27-rc5 doesn't work
Mark Lord wrote:
> matthieu castet wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Tejun Heo wrote:
>>> David Greaves wrote:
>>>> Error Counter logging not supported
>>>> Device does not support Self Test logging
>>> The USB bridge should support SAT (SCSI-ATA translation) and many
>>> don't. Nothing much can be done about it. The hardware just don't know
>>> how to do it.
>> That true that the hardware should support SAT, but even if it support
>> it, linux need some patches to support SAT over USB. See
>> and the patch mentioned
>> in the thread.
> ...
> Ahh.. Great! This mostly fixes smartctl operation on at least two
> of my USB drive enclosures here:
> 1. a recent rev. 2.5" NexStar-3 SATA enclosure.
> 2. a 250GB 2.5" WD "Passport" external USB drive/enclosure.
> With the patch, this command line works for me:
> smartctl -a -dsat -T permissive /dev/sdb
> And hdparm just works regardless, with or without the patch.
It should work without permissive, permissive was need without the patch.

You said hdparm works without the patch. I wonder how it work. IRRC it
asks check condition stuff for every command. I am interested to see the
hdparm --verbose output without the patch.

BTW somebody is trying to push a patch similar to this one to
usb-storage driver :


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