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SubjectRe: [TOMOYO #11 (linux-next) 01/11] Introduce new LSM hooks where vfsmount is available.
Shaya Potter wrote:
> wrote:
>> Quoting Shaya Potter <>:
>>> I know I'm late to the game in this, but as I recently asked about this
>>> and didn't get an answer, I'll re-ask my approach.
>>> Why can't you do this
>>> in lookup()
>>> - resolve rules (not for single process, but for all processes) for
>>> said path and tag dentry (seem to already have a hook)
>>> in permission()
>> Because it doesn't work
>> Quick summary: The difference between the pathname model and the label
>> model is dynamism. The accessi really is determined by the pathname to
>> the file that you used to access the file. If you try to compute
>> access based on attributes tagged onto the file, then you have to
>> re-compute those attributes every time someone renames a file.
> ok. simple question then so why not just recompute them every every
> rename? are rename's that common relative to all other file operations
> where we care?

just want to followup as didn't get a response. If the problem is
rename(), what's the problem with dropping the label on rename() to
force a reevaluation on the next pass through the lookup() code.

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