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Subjectlockdep splat from ioctl and mmap fops sharing lock
Johannes Weiner <> writes:

> Hi,
> fb_mmap() is called under mmap_sem and acquires fb_info->lock.
> Since 3e680aae4e53ab "fb: convert lock/unlock_kernel() into local fb
> mutex", fb_ioctl() takes fb_info->lock and does copy_to/from_user()
> under it, which in turn might acquire mmap_sem.

More affected drivers:

agp_ioctl() doing usercopy under agp_fe.agp_mutex
agp_mmap() taking agp_fe.agp_mutex under mmap_sem

dv1394_write() doing usercopy under video->mtx
dv1394_mmap() taking video->mtx under mmap_sem

raw1394_ioctl() doing usercopy under fi->state_mutex
raw1394_mmap() taking fi->state_mutex under mmap_sem


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