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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] i7300_idle driver v1.55

> This should not matter as we can safely remove the module even when
> one or more CPUs are idle. As long as one CPU is running, we are sure
> that throttling is not in effect. And as long as we make sure no one
> is executing the notifier that is going to be rmmoded, we should
> be OK. Say one CPU comes out of the idle later, it wont see the notifier
> in the notifier list anymore, because of RCU in atomic notifier
> and things will work fine. I mean we are not rmmoding the routine
> that enters the idle state. We are just rmmoding the routine that
> Can get called before and after idle routine.

That means there is a ordering dependency between the RCU idle
state getting updated and your code running. That is what I meant with
"very careful with idle". Even if it worked right now would
seem fragile to me.


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