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SubjectRe: kgdb 2.6.28 merge plans
>       tty: Fix sparse static warning for tty_driver_lookup_tty
> kgdboc, tty: Add the rx polling call back capability
> kgdboc, 8250: rx polling hook for the 8250 driver
> kgdboc, amba-pl011: rx polling hook for the amba-pl011 driver

This is not 2.6.28 tty layer or serial layer material. The tty driver
tree has been building patches for 2.6.28 for several weeks. Everyone
else managed to send me patches before the big push to Linus to get them
integrated, you didn't.

In addition to which random hooks in random mixtures of uart drivers are
not a practical sensible way to manage general purpose interfaces to
debug tools.


You missed the window and the stuff presented simply isn't ready to go

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