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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix n_tty/pty input/output buffer full and other misc char handling

I have separated this patch into its separate components, since I know
we are still thinking about how to address the pty "gridlock" issue, and
at least two of the other issues addressed can probably be fixed now.

I will shortly send out 4 new patches that replace the original combined
"tty-fix-buffer-full-handling.patch" patch (these all will apply, in
order, on top of your current tty git tree):

1) n-tty-fix-cont-and-ctrl-output.patch
2) n-tty-fix-buffer-full-checks.patch

These two can probably be applied and tested now, since I believe these
are straightforward fixes. #1 simply fixes what looks like an oversight
in the output block processing WRT continuation chars and ctrl chars.
#2 fixes what appear to be problems that cause loss of characters
because of errors in handling situations when the input buffer is full
or nearly so.

3) n-tty-output-bells-immediately.patch
4) n-tty-fix-buffer-full-gridlock.patch

These are the ones that we are still discussing.

Hope this splitting up of the patch helps!


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