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Subject[PATCH] em28xx patches against the latest git tree
Following patch adds the latest em28xx driver from

merging with upstream kernel

* adding VBI support to most VBI capable devices
* radio support for cx25843 based devices
* extra cx25843 driver (registers match the em28xx configuration in
order to support proper VBI)
* all videostandards and inputs are tested with cx25843 based devices
* adding alternative audio driver for em28xx devices (independent
audio transfer, not depending on oss/alsa)
* adding em28xx-webcam support for videology webcams
* adding em28xx-audioep audio driver for alternate number 1 - if
vendor specific and not USB audio conform
* adding s921 driver (ISDB-T 1Seg support tunneling parameters through
DVB-T API setting specific registers to auto)
* adding xc3028 mostly original sourcecode from the manufacturer (most
recent version), merged xc3028/xc3028l into
one external firmware blob - important for signal quality
* adding xc5000 mostly original sourcecode from the manufacturer (most
recent version) - important for signal quality
* adding lgdt3304, although currently disabled
* remote control handling *works* but is broken by design and disabled
since different rc5/rc6/nec remotes return
different values. Handling can be done using interrupt transfers too (TODO)
* fixed a couple of bugs in the em28xx-audio driver which can lead to
system hangs.


as for testing:
* analog TV: patched tvtime (for analog TV) version available on which supports 1. software rendering 2. digital
* FM radio: gqradio from, there's also an older radio
patch for vlc available.
* DVB-T: all applications should work with it
* ISDB-T: relevant for China and Brazil only, can be used with
dvbtune, dvbscan (the channel file cannot be used due problems with
the characters), for transferring the MPEG-TS stream dvbstream,
dvbsnoop, for playback gstreamer/mplayer (h264/aac isn't supported
well with it).

commit history is available at:;a=commit;h=f1be9ae8f8489a6598417a194e0899ac00c7530ehg/~mrec/em28xx-new

This patch adds a separate instance of the driver to the git
repository, not affecting anything existing.

the full patch against the git repository:

user: Andre Kelmanson <>
user: Bouwsma Barry <>
user: Dan Kreiser <>
user: Frank Neuber <>
user: Jelle de Jong <>
user: John Stowers <>
user: Lukas Kuna <>
user: Stefan Vonolfen <>
user: Stephan Berberig <>
user: Thomas Giesecke <>
user: Vitaly Wool <>
user: Zhenyu Wang <>

Signed-off-by: Markus Rechberger <>

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