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SubjectYea old defrag
I'm writing this to Theodore Ts'o because he has worked on the package 
in the past, and currently maintains e2fsprogs. I am CCing lkml since
there are likely to be other interested parties, and there does not seem
to be a separate list for e2fsprogs.

The old defrag package for doing offline defragmentation of ext2 has not
been maintained in many years. About two years ago I fixed a few bugs
that were causing it to not work on ext3 and placed the changes in
Ubuntu. I would like to see this program continue to live since it
still serves a purpose, but because it has had no upstream maintainer in
so long, Debian and thus Ubuntu have dropped the package. I am trying
to resurrect it.

I was wondering why it was never integrated into e2fsprogs, and if this
could now be done. It seems to me that e2fsprogs would be the proper
home for it, and a neutral upstream for everyone. If not, then I will
try to maintain it as an Ubuntu native package in a bazaar branch on

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