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SubjectRe: [git pull] IDE updates #4

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:

>>> Remove needless/confusing subdirs from drivers/ide/.
>> I think that with 2 new drivers being submitted/reworked based on feedback
>> and several patches submitted and pending submission to the pata-2.6 series
>> this really could have waited till 2.6.29...
> The situation is perfect right now for this change as there are no outstanding
> patches in pata-2.6 tree

There was one patch (already stale TX4939 version driver) as of

> and number of new submitted patches is < 10 (I'll take
> care of fixing them up, ditto for all other new stuff that will be using old
> naming scheme).

Thanks for clarifying this.
This rename only added more uncertainty for my pending patchset
(which had been already dependant on at least TX4939 driver which keeps
being recast by Atsushi and being stale in pata-2.6 series) as I can't
predict when you and Linus will merge the changes and this is getting on
my nerves, as I don't have time on any extra rework and I'm running out
of time with the submission. I know I should have done this earlier and
I'd have done this if its not for my unfortunate vacations... I aslso
kept finding new issues looking on the IOC4 driver. :-/

> Thanks,
> Bart

MBR. Sergei

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