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SubjectRe: Promise SATA-standby +selftest=hungdrive; Sil works...
Linda Walsh wrote:
> This is with (there are multiple other problems with 2.6.27[.0]).
> The problem with the drive going "offline" doesn't happen with a
> sil_sata(3124) controller -- so no need to unplug and replug...
> I.e. when the drives are in standby, if smartd or a smartctl command
> attempts to run a drive self-test (short), I get timeout errors from the
> Promise controller (which hangs the sys if I try unplugging/replugging
> the cable to the hung drive).
> The drives correctly spin up to speed and perform the short-test with
> the sil controller.
> It would seem there is a problem with the Promise controller or driver?

Yeah, Mikael found out that hardreset requires controller reset before
it. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.



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