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SubjectRe: [TOMOYO #9 (2.6.27-rc7-mm1) 1/6] LSM adapter functions.
Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> I suppose you could do something like define both _path and _inode,
> save away your result from the _path hook but always return 0, there,
> then if you'd saved off an error and you make it to the _inode hook,
> return the error there...
You mean do MAC checks in security_path_*() and return error code of
security_path_*() in security_inode_*()? Then, method for passing the
error code to security_inode_*() is a problem.

It was possible to store the error code into current->security->
something. But now, it is impossible to store the error code into
current->cred->security->something because current->cred is shared by
multiple processes. To solve this problem, we everytime need to copy
current->cred in security_path_*() and we need a new hook called just
after returning from vfs_* (like mnt_drop_write()) for clearing the
error code.

Or, another way is to pass the error code as a vfs_*() parameter.

What do you think these approaches?


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