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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] Add SPI over GPIO driver
2008/10/18 Michael Buesch <>:
> On Saturday 18 October 2008 06:36:31 Andrew Morton wrote:
>> This patch has some "issues" a month or so ago. Current status is that
> yeah, upstream maintainers don't like these patches.
> Please drop this one and the "gpiommc" patch now.
As i remember - David stands that these patches (or even
functionality) are not usable for him, so he don't want to see them in
mainstream kernel sources. It's his choice, he is maintainer of this

You have this on openwrt svn, I have it on my dev gittree - and as You
can see on Magnus example - anybody interested can google for it.
Maybe if there will be next few peoples - David will change his
opinion on this subject...

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