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SubjectRe: Stack dump from GIT HEAD if CONFIG_ATA_SFF is not set
Andrew Morton wrote:
> (cc linux-ide)
>> On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 16:25:30 -0700 Larry Finger <> wrote:
>> I am using kernel 2.6.27-Linus-03151-g4480f15b-dirty. On booting a system built
>> with CONFIG_ATA_SFF not set, the following appears in my dmesg output. The
>> "dirtiness" of the kernel is due to some code included to trace down messages
>> coming from the usb system, and is not involved here. If CONFIG_ATA_SFF=y, the
>> message does not appear. From Google results, it seems that this parameter
>> should be set for most systems, but one should get clean runs without it.

Yeap, working on it. It seems SFF/BMDMA support needs to be separated
out further.

Thanks for the report.


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