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SubjectRe: [RFC Patch 2/9] x86 architecture implementation of Hardware Breakpoint interfaces
I'm leaving aside the single-step stuff, which I just posted about.

I'm also concerned about getting RF right here. We need to make sure that
every place that warps ->ip away somewhere also clears RF. In case of
instruction breakpoints in user space, we might also want to mask RF from
being seen/changed via ptrace/user_regset (a bit like is done for TF).

I'm a little inclined to do a first x86 version without instruction
breakpoint support and hash out the rest of the code for a bit. Then add
instruction breakpoints in a later patch. (Not that it has to be a lot
later or anything. Just to table the detailed review of RF fiddling until
after most of the meaty stuff is pretty baked.)


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