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SubjectRe: is the weeks before -rc1 the time to really be working on -next?
From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:53:53 -0700

> But the problem here is that once linux-next merges your patches, you
> no longer have a tree on which to base your patches! You need to get
> your hands on "linux-next without my stuff" to maintain them.

I know this doesn't work for you, but if you ran -mm just like any
other GIT tree it might mesh a whole lot better.

And in reality that kind of situation isn't a big deal in the
context of -next. People are rebasing their trees all the time
there, and it mostly seems to work itself out.

It's a lot more work for a contributor to do work against -mm,
since the response to "which -mm should I work against and where
do I get it from" is a bit more involved that just "pull from
this GIT tree and do your work on top of that."

And just like networking we could have Stephen treat the -mm
GIT tree as "important" which roughly means that other conflicting
trees will be knocked out of a -next release in deference to -mm.

Those people will have to fix their stuff, not you. And you'll
always therefore get coverage in -next.

Unlike the general sentiment expressed here, I think -next is helping.
Even if only because Stephen pokes people with trees causing problems
on a daily basis.

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