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SubjectRe: Possible ext3 corruption with 1K block size
Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> There is long standing open bug report on Mandriva which is currently
> beieved to have root cause in file system corruption. It shows itself
> in RPM DB corruption (at least, there is no other known method to trigger
> it). So far all reported cases happened on filesystem with 1K block size
> and stopped when RPM DB was moved to FS with 4K block size.
> There are also similar RH reports as well.
> Here are references:
> This one is rather long.

yep, unfortunately IIRC most of the bug is "me too's" and "how do I do
the workaround" :)

> Interesting bits are probably around
> (many users reporting
> dumpe2fs)
> The Mandriva bugzilla also mentions this mail from Stephen Tweedie

I don't think this is related, in the end... there was some possiblity
of corruption from that, but I think it's doubtful it'd hit 1k block
filesystems more, and in any case, the corruption has been seen since
then if I read it right.

> which indicates some issues with 1K blocks, but according to last comment:
> it is still present in 2.6.27 (at least was present on -rc6)
> There was a kernel bug report,
> but in this case it was identified as hardware issue.

My kingdom for a testcase... does anyone have simple steps to reproduce
this? Or do they all start with "install mandriva on a 1k block size
system?" :)


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