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    SubjectRe: [bug] latest -git boot hang

    * Stephen Smalley <> wrote:

    > > Right now i have about 40 such annotations for -tip testing:
    > >
    > > fs/Kconfig: depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    > > fs/Kconfig: depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    > > security/selinux/Kconfig: depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    > > security/smack/Kconfig: depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    > > security/Kconfig: depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    > What in particular under fs/Kconfig and security/*Kconfig falls into
    > this category, and why? What constitutes a "generic distro bootup"?
    > For distros that support SELinux, it obviously shouldn't break the
    > bootup (there have of course been cases where it has, but those were
    > bugs that have been addressed, including the recent /proc/net
    > breakage), and for other distros, it should yield no effect as no
    > policy will be loaded and thus SELinux just allows everything.

    got this one for rootplug:

    --- linux.orig/security/Kconfig
    +++ linux/security/Kconfig
    @@ -93,6 +93,11 @@ config SECURITY_FILE_CAPABILITIES
    bool "Root Plug Support"
    depends on USB=y && SECURITY
    + # fails with hard-to-debug "could not find init" boot failure
    + depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    + select BROKEN_BOOT

    and this one:

    --- linux.orig/security/selinux/Kconfig
    +++ linux/security/selinux/Kconfig
    @@ -97,6 +97,11 @@ config SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VAL
    bool "NSA SELinux enable new secmark network controls by default"
    depends on SECURITY_SELINUX
    + # old system booted up with this cannot ssh out
    + depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    + select BROKEN_BOOT

    i also have this temporary annotation:

    --- linux.orig/security/smack/Kconfig
    +++ linux/security/smack/Kconfig
    @@ -1,6 +1,9 @@
    bool "Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel Support"
    + # breaks networking (TCP connections)
    + depends on BROKEN_BOOT_ALLOWED
    + select BROKEN_BOOT
    default n
    This selects the Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel.
    has this problem been fixed? A test is only a success if the freshly
    booted kernel can autonomously ssh out over a real network and can
    indicate success to the QA server. I've got a good mix of old and new
    distros as well.


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