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Subject[REGRESSION] Re: [Bug 11568] spontaneous reboot on resume with 2.6.27
On Sunday, 12 of October 2008, wrote:
> ------- Comment #27 from 2008-10-12 12:25 -------
> SMP enabled with patch from #24 does not abort the suspend, and of course
> reboots on resume.

Andy, thanks for testing.

Ingo, Peter, Pavel,

The regression here is that x86_64 non-SMP systems using SMP kernel fail to
resume from suspend to RAM, most probably due to the trampoline code being
busted. I haven't found anything obviously wrong in the code yet, but I
suspect that something simply writes over the (original) trampoline code.

This is in 2.6.27 as well as in the current mainline and it's quite urgent,
because we'll get hit by it in distro kernels based on 2.6.27 if we don't fix
it timely.

Please have a look at bug #11568.


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