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SubjectCONFIG_NO_HZ breaks blktrace timestamps
While trying to gain some insight into a disk issue, I found that
blktrace/blkparse was giving me bogus traces -- I was seeing requests
complete before they were even dispatched or queued even! I had thought
that maybe this was an issue with SMP on the box, but when running with
'maxcpus=1', it told me that my 53 second test run only took 3.5

I started tracking this down, and upon looking at cpu_clock(), and found
that it uses sched_clock(), which is based on jiffies. At this point I
had an ahah! moment and remembered that I had NO_HZ enabled.

Turning that off got blktrace to report the proper time for the test

I'm not sure of the proper fix, nor am I sure I'm going to have much
time to track this down at the momenet, but I thought someone should

Dave Dillow
National Center for Computational Science
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(865) 241-6602 office

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