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SubjectRe: Kbuild update
On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 10:32:39AM +0800, WANG Cong wrote:
> >> > If we can make this to be an offical project for Linux kernel, I
> >> > think it won't be a big problem.
> >>
> >> We don't even manage to maintain the English language texts properly,
> >> and I am therefore not overly optimistic that we'll have the
> >> translations maintained properly for many years.
> >Italian was 100% translated at one point in time.
> >And the Linux Kernel Translation project has a number of
> >spelling error fixes in queue (I dunno if they have been applied).
> >
> >So even when run as an external project it was ok for some languages,
> >and having it official and someone taking patches to .po files would
> >for sure allow more users to build a kernel.
> >
> Agreed.
> That's the goal of TLKTP. Sam, can you contact to the author of
> TLKTP? Maybe we can talk to him to see if we can restart the
> project. If so, I can help with the Chinese translation part.

My first try bounced, found another address for Egry Gabor -
let's see if I have more luck.

The associated list is spam only so I did not try that one.


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