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    SubjectRe: More breakage in native_rdtsc out of line in git-x86
    > nope, it's a 64-bit setup/dependency bug/problem: the vsyscall mappings 
    > are installed via an __initcall, and that's too late for early use. The
    > combo patch below fixed the crash for me, does it work on your box too?

    That gives

    /home/lsrc/quilt/linux/arch/x86/kernel/setup_64.c: In function 'setup_arch':
    /home/lsrc/quilt/linux/arch/x86/kernel/setup_64.c:468: error: implicit declarati
    on of function 'map_vsyscall'

    But after I add a prototype to vsyscall.h it seems to work.

    Just the barriers are still broken -- you have not replied to any
    of my emails on that topic. What's up with that?


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