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Subject[TOMOYO #6 00/21] TOMOYO Linux - MAC based on process invocation history.
"TOMOYO Linux" is our work in the field of security enhancement for Linux.
This is the 6th submission of TOMOYO Linux.

Changes since previous (November 17th) submission:

* Added security goal document. (Documentation/TOMOYO.txt)
This document is intended to specify the security goal that TOMOYO
Linux is trying to achieve. Thread URL:

* Added environment variable name control functionality.
Users can restrict the environment variable's names passed to
execve() for each domain.

* Refreshed patches for the latest -mm tree.
Patches are for 2.6.24-rc6-mm1

The possibility of AB-BA deadlock has been pointed out and argued in .
We believe that LSM functions shouldn't access namespace_sem, so
we chose to write a set of wrapper functions to pass "struct vfsmount" to
LSM functions using "struct task_struct". This method is suggested at .

We wish Linux to merge either AppArmor's "Pass struct vfsmount to ..." patches or
our patches marked as [02/21], [03/21], [04/21] into mainline kernel
so that AppArmor and TOMOYO Linux can safely access "struct vfsmount" from LSM.

Patches consist of five types.
* [TOMOYO 01/21]: Documentation.
* [TOMOYO 02-05/21]: Essential modifications against -mm kernel.
* [TOMOYO 06-19/21]: LSM implementation of TOMOYO Linux.
* [TOMOYO 20/21]: Makefile and Kconfig.
* [TOMOYO 21/21]: Optional modifications against -mm kernel.

We are trying to make a fair ¡Èsecure Linux¡É comparison table, it should
explain the differences between TOMOYO Linux and AppArmor.

We would like TOMOYO Linux to be added into -mm tree so that more
people can try. Any kind of feedbacks for the patches and the table
would be appreciated.
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