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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] Codying style fixes in ./arch/x86/ia32

* Paolo Ciarrocchi <> wrote:

> int ia32_classify_syscall(unsigned syscall)
> {
> - switch(syscall) {
> + switch (syscall) {
> case __NR_open:
> return 2;
> case __NR_openat:

this patch has whitespace damage. (tabs got converted to spaces)

i fixed this up, but the other patches in your queue are corrupted too,
they have linewraps and tabs->spaces problems as well.

also, please use unique subjects for your patches. Instead of:

Subject: Codying style fixes in ./arch/x86/ia32


Subject: x86: coding style fixes in arch/x86/ia32/audit.c

(also please keep them lower case)


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