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SubjectRe: STT_FUNC for assembler checksum and semaphore ops

* John Reiser <> wrote:

> Dear $ARCH Maintainers,
> This patch adds Elf32_Sym .st_info (STT_FUNC) and .st_size for
> hand-coded checksum and semaphore subroutines. I needed this info
> when writing a static analyzer for stack depth [grovel over ./vmlinux]
> on the um (UserModeLinux) $ARCH for i386. The changes work on i386.
> Other $ARCH are analogous but not tested. Other arch/x86/lib/*.S are
> not used by um currently. [Should analogous changes be made anyway?]
> Comments?

thanks, i have picked up the x86 bits.

Will pick up later cleanup versions as well if there's some better macro
approach to do this as an ENTRY thing, as we could consolidate both the
start and the end into a single macro:

.type __down_failed_trylock, @function

.size __down_failed_trylock, . - __down_failed_trylock

perhaps START_FUNCTION() and END_FUNCTION() macros?


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