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SubjectRe: Kbuild update

>"only" is the wrong word in this context.
>If someone would update the translations for one language every
>3 months for the next years that would be great and disprove my
>After all, updates every 3 months would beat the maintainance level of
>at least three of our architectures...

Hmm, yes.

>And don't underestimate the amount of work required - even when talking
>about requiring "only" 10% of the help texts translated that's a four
>digit number of lines to translate.

Thanks for your point. I agree that the initial work is not so easy.

>> If we can make this to be an offical project for Linux kernel, I
>> think it won't be a big problem.
>We don't even manage to maintain the English language texts properly,
>and I am therefore not overly optimistic that we'll have the
>translations maintained properly for many years.
>OTOH, if someone wouldn't just blindly translate the outdated English
>texts but also review the English texts when translating this alone
>might be worth it...

Fully agreed.

Maybe we can restart TLKTP?

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